Vincent Mangano

Vincent Mangano
1888 to 1951.

Mangano was born in Sicily in 1888. After coming to the U.S., he joined the Brooklyn Mafia organization of Toto D'Aquila. With his brother Philip, and possibly with aid from a transplanted Mafioso named Giuseppe Balsamo, Mangano became a force on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Toto D'Aquila was killed in a feud with Joe "the Boss" Masseria in 1928, and the Mangano brothers served under bosses Al Mineo and Frank Scalise during the Castellammarese War of 1930-1931.

When the smoke cleared following the reorganization of the American Mafia under Charlie Luciano in 1931, Mangano was made boss of the old D'Aquila family. He served on the national Commission from its birth, often opposing the Frank Costello-Tommy Lucchese branch of the Mafia leadership.

Mangano disappeared in 1951, and his family was taken over by Albert Anastasia, a staunch ally of Costello. At the same time, Philip Mangano was found dead in a swamp.

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