Two Patriarcas - father and son - rose to lead the New England Mafia. Raymond Loreto Salvatore Patriarca reigned from the mid-1950s until the mid-1980s. Raymond Patriarca Jr. had a brief term as boss after his father's 1984 death.

Raymond L. Patriarca

Raymond Loreto Salvatore Patriarca
March 17, 1908, to July 7, 1984.
"The Man"

Raymond L.S. Patriarca was the longtime boss of Mafia rackets in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Born in 1908, his first known criminal position was serving as a guard for Mafia bootlegging shipments and as a hijacker of shipments belonging to rivals. In his early career, he reportedly dabbled in robbery, protection, prostitution and gambling enterprises. He became an important lieutenant and hitman in the Family of Phil Buccola in the late 1930s.

A 1938 conviction for robbing a jewelry store was penalized with a five-year sentence, but - evidence of the strength of his new connections - Patriarca served only a few months of that term before being granted a full pardon by the governor of Massachusetts.

Patriarca's influence grew as Buccola retired and Joe Lombardo guided Family operations. Lombardo slipped into the background in the late 1940s, and Patriarca began calling the shots from Providence, Rhode Island, concentrating on labor union rackets, gambling (including racetracks and interests in the Dunes casino in Las Vegas) and loansharking.

In the 1950s, Patriarca's interests in Boston were represented by Jerry Angiulo, who was probably not qualified for such duty (a 1963 FBI report stated tha Angiulo was the number-2 man in the organization, with Henry Tameleo as number-3). The Italian mobsters began eliminating their Irish competitors in the region.

Patriarca was betrayed by Mafioso Joe Barboza in 1967. Barboza's testimony and several years of FBI wiretaps resulted in Patriarca being convicted along with some associates of conspiracy to commit murder, and he served time in the federal prison at Atlanta.

Patriarca was released in 1975, and Barboza met a violent end in San Francisco in 1976.

Wiretaps overheard Angiulo conversations about Barboza's murder, and the authorities were able to put Angiulo, several brothers and his son behind bars in September 1983.

Raymond Patriarca continued to manage a crippled Mafia organization in New England until his death on July 7, 1984.

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Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Upon Raymond L.S. Patriarca's death in 1984, his son "Junior" succeeded him as boss of the Providence-based New England Mafia.

The younger Patriarca managed for a time to hold together the factions of the underworld organization. But he was disgraced in 1989 when the FBI succeeded in listening in on a Mafia induction ceremony at which he presided.

He was convicted of racketeering charges, along with other leading members of the crime family.

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