Philip Rastelli

Philip Rastelli
1918 to June 24, 1991.

Rastelli was an influential member of the Bonanno Family in New York until the lengthy imprisonment imposed by the U.S. Justice Department's successful assault on the Syndicate's ruling Commission. (Rastelli, who was already held by authorities on other charges, made headlines in the New York tabloids when he collapsed in the courtroom during the 1985 case against the Commission members.)

It appears Rastelli, who lived in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, ran Family operations after Carmine Galante's death in 1979. He might also have served as Family boss for a year between the death of Natale Evola and Galante's rise to power in 1974. Some underworld informants told authorities that Galante never reached boss status, controlling only a rebellious wing in a family actually ruled from 1973 by Rastelli.

Rastelli appears to have plotted with Gambino mobster Aniello Dellacroce for the hit on Galante.

Rastelli's wife Connie was found shot to death in 1962 as she reportedly began feeding information about her husband's drug trafficking activities to the federal authorities. Rastelli died in prison on June 24, 1991.

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