Philip Testa

Philip Testa
April 21, 1924, to March 15, 1981.
"Chicken Man"

Testa was a short-lived boss of the Philadelphia Crime Family.

He served as underboss within the Mafia administration of Angelo Bruno. When 69-year-old Bruno was shotgunned to death in his car on March 12, 1980, Testa became boss.

Bruno's consigliere Anthony Caponigro was blamed for the assassination. The Mafia Commission stepped in, and Caponigro was killed weeks after Bruno.

At the time, the Philly Mob's control of lucrative rackets in Atlantic City NJ was being contested by forces linked to the large New York crime families and by the Atlantic City wing of its own family. Philadelphia mobsters also had to deal with a federal investigation.

The Philadelphia Mafia clan experienced a civil war, known as the Testa-Riccobene War. Testa was killed in a bombing of his home on March 15, 1981. He recently had been indicted along with 9 underworld colleagues on federal racketeering charges.

Nicodemo Scarfo, leader of Philly's Atlantic City wing, was able to take control of the crime family after Testa's death.

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