Pasquale Lolordo

Pasquale Lolordo
? to Jan. 8, 1929.

Lolordo was one of the unfortunate leaders of the Chicago Unione Siciliana of the late Prohibition Era. He stepped to the Unione presidency upon the death of Antonio Lombardo in September of 1928.

Police initially suspected a Joseph Lolordo - a Lombardo bodyguard - of performing the assassination of Lombardo. Newspapers noted that Joseph Lolordo and Al Capone had the same attorney.

Pasquale Lolordo's dreams of being a second Mike Merlo - and, in fact, his dreams of anything at all - stopped abruptly on Jan. 8, 1929. On that day, he was assassinated by visitors to his home. It is believed that the killing was ordered by the Aiello Mafia clan.

Joseph Guinta, who had begun a Sicilian revolt within the Capone organization, bravely took over the Unione presidency. But he wouldn't survive to see the summer.

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