How The Mafia Has Been Involved In Escorts & Prostitution

It is no secret that the mafia have had a major role in prostitution. By buying up brothels and running them themselves, they were able to control the supply of sex workers within their communities. Once the mafia came into power, there was little chance for anyone else to get involved; any competition would be quickly suppressed. This gave them total control over the industry as well as the women who worked in it. While this may seem like a good thing, many people are unaware that the mafia actually caused more harm than good.

The Mafia’s Escort Business

When the mafia first started investing in escorts, they mainly focused on brothels. At the time, it made sense; however, when they realized how much money could be made from hiring out beautiful women as prostitutes, they changed their business model dramatically. Instead of buying up brothels, they began purchasing escort agencies outright. They also purchased other businesses that were related to prostitution – such as massage parlors and strip clubs. These establishments all required female employees, which meant the mafia didn’t need to hire any outside help. All they needed was to recruit some new girls to work at these places…which meant recruiting willing victims who wanted to escape the life of an escort.
By owning so many different establishments, the mafia was able to control the entire industry. They controlled where the girls worked, what services they offered, and even how much they charged for each service. Not only did the mafia own all the brothels, but they owned all the escort agencies as well. Anyone who tried to start one would find themselves shut down by the mafia in no time at all.

The Rise Of Sites Like Switter Listings

In recent years, the mafia has been forced to make some changes. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible for anyone to advertise their services online without having to pay extortionate sums to the mafia. This means that the number of brothels has declined considerably over the past few decades. However, there still remains a huge demand for escorts, and the mafia have never lost the desire to take advantage of this. As a result, the mafia continue to infiltrate escorting websites and use them as their own personal business portfolio. Some escort websites such as Switter,, have been forced to shut down, and this can partially due to the mafia’s involvement.
Escort listings are incredibly popular among young women who want to earn extra cash. Some of these girls don’t realize that they’re being lured into a life of prostitution – while others do know exactly what’s going on. It doesn’t really matter which category these women fall into; once they’ve been recruited, the mafia will ensure that they meet all their needs. Even if they decide to quit working as an escort or leave the mafia, they’ll often be threatened with violence and blackmailed until they agree to stay in the industry.
At the end of the day, it’s not hard to see why the mafia is still involved in the escort business. There is no doubt that they have access to plenty of beautiful young women who can satisfy the demands of men all around the world. If you have ever wondered how the mafia got involved in escorts and prostitution, all you need to do is look at the numbers. Thousands of women are lured into the industry every year, which means there is always a market for the mafia.



The mafia have been involved in prostitution for hundreds of years, and it looks like this won’t change anytime soon. Even though they might claim to have changed their ways, it is clear that the mafia still makes millions of dollars off illegal activities such as prostitution. With so many beautiful young women eager to work as prostitutes, there will always be a demand for these services. On top of that, the mafia will make sure they always have enough willing victims to work in the brothels.
In the future, the mafia may try to transition to a more legitimate form of business. However, this will probably never happen. After all, the mafia have been doing this for centuries, and they aren’t about to stop now. Their main goal seems to be to use their wealth and influence to expand their operations as far as possible. They are definitely one of the most sinister organizations in history, and they are unlikely to let go of their control over the escort industry anytime soon.